Areca Leaf Plate Machine

Areca Leaf Plate Machine

Reliable paper is one of the first companies to innovate and mass produce the automatic areca leaf plate making machines with positive cutting technology, unmatched productivity and user-friendly advanced features.

Our areca leaf plate machines are built to meet the toughest demands of the customers on Quality, Cost and Productivity. By continuously evolving our designs, we have developed leaf plate machines with cutting edge technology resulting in unmatched productivity improvement. The constant effort of our engineers in product development gives birth to innovative features and improved machine reliability which differentiates us from the competition.

Our Areca leaf product die manufacturing capabilities are distinct from the competition. We start with optimizing the die design and manufacturing for better quality, durability, higher productivity, lowest rejection levels and at reasonable cost. Our cutting technology is one of the best designs capable of producing quality cutting operation each and every stroke with replaceable inserts.

We manufacture different types of areca leaf plate machines based on the requirement of customers. Currently we are offering Hydraulic based Automatic machine and Flywheel type Manual machine.

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